Market Intelligence

In-depth, high-level and up-to-date knowledge of the NHS is key to success, and Synaptik possesses that intelligence. We can quantify our own understanding of NHS systems and processes, providing you with easy access to revealing data. We can also seek out, retrieve and analyse any particular information that you are looking for in this field. Our team can offer genuinely transformational insight gained from years of experience. This expertise can be yours with just a click or a call.

It all starts with questions – what do you want to know? We’ll work together to tailor the intelligence research process to help you find the right answers. Synaptik can assist you in your business development strategy regarding market intelligence by asking:

HOW? – describe how it is meant to work

WHAT? – describe what is actually happening

WHY? – explain why this is happening

the first contact in a long and rewarding relationship

We’d be delighted to talk to you in person about our services and how they can help you.


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