Better, more local and faster access to care – that’s what health and social Care integration is all about. But what will it mean for you and your organisation?

The NHS and social care are going to have more streamlined systems, with improved communication networks that should realise efficiencies and enhance patient care. Health boards and local authorities will collaborate more and share greater amounts of their budgets.

So what will that mean for the NHS itself, for pharmaceutical companies, for local authorities and for private healthcare organisations? How can you work more effectively – and more efficiently – with these newly integrated health and social care services?


A new era for healthcare

If you’re a stakeholder that is due to be affected by these changes; from within the NHS or Local Authority, as part of an Integration Joint Board, from within the private or third sectors or a pharmaceutical company, you need the expertise on hand to make sure you capitalise on opportunities and predict future challenges.

We understand the issues and have access to senior practical experience to help you find the answers required to make the transition to Scotland’s new health and social care system as efficient as possible.

You don’t have to face this change in landscape alone.

Synaptik offers consultancy, advice and support on how to deploy the new integration strategy effectively and efficiently and how as a supplier, you can be as prepared as possible so that any problems can be pre-empted and ideally solved in good time.

Even the most pressed of budgets can recoup invaluable rewards in terms of time and human resources saved.

How will health and social care integration affect you?