Our experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries puts us in the unique position of being able to offer our clients real expertise when entering new medicines to market across Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

At Synaptik, we have a clear understanding of what prescriber’s and end-users really want and expect from treatment and are able to quickly and efficiently provide you with the information you require to help you achieve your objectives faster.

Working with the UK’s largest pharmaceutical companies to provide insight into the NHS healthcare system that cannot be matched. We know who you need to speak to and when.

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) often enables the first opportunity for a technology to be used in the UK and therefore understanding the Scottish environment can be valuable for any brand.

Through integrated consultancy and delivery, we can make a real difference to efficient and effective market penetration whilst generating loyalty and confidence. Our team of dedicated experts, will work with you to define the right approach to meet your objectives and provide sustainable results.

Our vision is simple, but powerful: develop a trusted client-centred partnership that achieves results.



“In our experience, Synaptik has excellent contacts with a wide range of clinical and payer customers within Scotland and Wales. Additionally, Synaptik has staff who understand the health systems of the devolved nations.”