Strategic Consulting

Strategic consultancy you can count on

Our strategic consultancy services work with NHS hospitals and other services to help them meet challenging targets by increasing operational efficiency and facilitating the development of agreed values and behaviours. Our strategic healthcare consulting can help your organisation with:

  • Service improvement strategy – we use various improvement methodologies to improve flow and eliminate waste
  • Evidence – we gain evidence of a situation as it currently stands and recognise where improvements can be achieved
  • Shared values – to ensure the long term success of service improvements through leadership and investing time in your people

Putting the ‘personal’ in development

When strategy, people and processes are smoothly aligned, your organisation reaps the rewards. Synaptik can help you mastermind the most appropriate strategy, develop a business plan tailored to your target market, and develop your in-house talent to improve effectiveness.

By staying up-to-date with policy direction changes, your organisation can develop and implement a resilient business plan.

We have harnessed the skills of people who have had senior management experience in the NHS and who have been involved in policy changes that can help you develop a successful strategy.

The efficiency of your organisation depends on your people. They must understand processes and goals, take ownership and deliver key objectives throughout your whole organisation, all of which requires effective communication.

Synaptik can put tools and techniques at your disposal that will help individuals and teams to understand themselves and each other, establish shared goals, values and behaviours and to take responsibility for their actions – thus ensuring that the organisation achieves the desired objectives.

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